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We are proud to present the most versitile, customisable, effective, economical 3D printing solution for proffessional – industrial use


Noveltech HD Combo Industrial 3D Printer

Noveltech UK Ltd has created the most advanced solution in 3d printing that will move on 3d printing globally to the next step.


There are many different 3D printing solutions currently available, however few are affordable enough for an average person or a business, that can produce precision results and have flexible as well as modular features. The developers of the OSRC system were in a pretty tight spot when it comes to budget and needed a machine accurate enough for producing enclosures and other mechanical parts for the OSRC product line.


As a result, the llios – Noveltech Kit was created. A machine that is entirely made from aluminum and hardened steel parts, which shall outlast any abuse and provide repeatable results every time.


Although the way that most 3D models are created may vary and techniques may seem different, models large enough and accurate enough are very difficult to manufacture unless a hefty budget is available.


Most SLA (Stereo Lithography) 3D printers available for a low budget, can only produce small objects and the machines themselves are quite limited when it comes to fast modifications and alterations.


llios- Noveltech was created in such a way, that it can be assembled just as easy as an lkea piece of furniture and modified with simple rearrangement of parts. Additionally, the build area can be adjusted for small objects as well as large ones. Motion accuracy, torque and other characteristics are all exchangeable and can be found easily in almost any resource that was initially made for CNC machining.


Key features

The motion


slider_closeup1One of the most important parts for any 30 printer is its motion. How accurately it can move to any location, without loosing its path and keeping the distances as close to what the computer thinks they are. This becomes especially important when you are building a 30 model where every millimeter or even a micron can make a difference for your end result and the correct dimensions are all that matter when you are building a mechanical part.


The spindles used in the llios – Noveltech Kit are made from hard metal and polished to a mirror finish. All connections made between the motion and the static surface of the machine are transferred through ball bearings and produce rigid and accurate movements.


Besides the fact that the model Lift assembly is held by the ball bearing spindles, which in most cases would be enough, it is also being held by two ball bearing slides.


Together, the motion that is produced is so rigid that there is virtually no flex (deviation from the predefined path) in the movement when opposite forces apply.


Besides the highly accurate motion, another factor is just as important. The backlash of the motion can mean everything when it comes to 30 printing. Since each layer is built with a constant motion of the lift back and forth, if the motion it self cannot come to the same spot every time and deviates even by a miniscule amount, your entire build shall not be accurate anymore, no matter how good the rest of the equipment is. It is this repeated accuracy that is what the llios- Noveltech Kit provides and creates a solid stepping stone for the rest of the build process.


Motor Control & Software


motor_closeup2As an Open Source community, we like to take advantage of all the wonders that others contribute to the cause and help out in return with the same enthusiasm. The motion control on llios is no different from a typical CNC machine since the electronics and motors as well as the software, comes from the same family. Although the components may seem quite typical, it is their combination and cooperation in the correct order, that makes 30 printing possible.


The llios – Noveltech Kit provides 2 separate motions with the help from 3 motors. The two motors are used to worktogether and lift the build platform from the material. The third motor is used to tilt the material container and detach each layer from the surface, without force or destruction to the layer it self. It is this combination of lifting, tilting and projection that provides smooth results and creates the best possible model.


Just like the rest of the basic llios Kit, it is also possible to exchange the default motor configuration and mount different types of electronics, for even greater resolution. With even the default setup however, the resolution of which the machine is capable of, is not fully used. To explain this better here is a small description of how this works.


The pitch of the lifting spindle is 2.5mm. This means that for every full rotation of the spindle, it lifts the platform 2.5mm. The default stepper motors that come with the llios HD Kit can produce 200 steps per revolution. This means that each step the motor shall make, it shall lift the model 0.0125mm or 12.5 microns. A resolution of 12 microns per layer is far greater than anyone would ever need since the default build layer size is almost always set to 0.1mm by software (which can be freely modified). However, since the electronics of the motor are capable of achieving micro­ stepping, each motor can do up to 1/16 of a step, which results to 3200 steps per revolution. Without doing the math you already can see that the resolution that can be achieved is just too great for anyone to ever need. There are naturally drawbacks to each configuration and benefits, which are different for every application.


Projection Framework


projector_alignmentThe projection of your layer is yet another important factor that can distinguish a detailed model from a very poor one. Based on your budget you have the ability to choose what type of objects the llios Kit shall be building and without many time consuming modifications, adjust it accordingly.

Unlike most similar 3D printing solutions, the llios – Noveltech Kit gives you the opportunity to use not just one but two projectors in the same machine space, increasing your build area and quality even more. For those who demand the most from a 3D printer, this can become crucial and make all the difference when creating a final result.


As always, we like to innovate in everything we do and multiple projection surfaces is just one of the innovations we use to accomplish our goal.


What is NEW & DIFFERENT from the basic and Combo Kit


There are 4 main aspects that the NEW llios 3D printer takes into account. Large Build Area,Rigid Construction, High Precision Components, Versatile & Customizable Design.


The new improvements specifications:



• Z axis completely Ball Screw driven on 2 separate slides

• Z axis based on High Accuracy linear slides

• Z axis driven on both ends for greater reliability

• Z axis Repeat accuracy(not actual accuracy which is greater) less than

• Customisable Build Area

• Layer Thickness 5 microns (with a basic 200 step per revolution motor)

• Movable Material VAT on a separate slide for tilt and removal

• Room for up to 2 x 1080p DLP projectors for a Split-Screen result

• All Aluminum frame and metal support construction

• In a system like this, the most important parts are the Z axis and the actual O.O01mm on variable lengths projection of the image. Since there are no more moving parts these two factors need to be as reliable and accurate.




There are 6 more stepper motor drivers and control boards out there but the ones i am using are high torque and have a high step count per revolution. Here are the specs of the elctronics in detail.


• 3 x NEMA 23, Dual Shaft,

• 1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev motors

• 3 x Unipolar Stepper motor driver boards

• 1x Parallel Port Control board

•1x 24Volt 6.5Amp Switching Power Supply


Since the UV laser shall be drawing over a significantly larger area, you are able to build models with the X and Y dimensions of 340mm x 440mm. With this setup the actual resolution of the X and Y axis is identical to the Z lift. Since all movement on llios-Noveltech system has the mechanical resolution of 12.5 microns (0.0125 mm), with the help from electronics it can stretch that to an even larger 6 micron step if needed, without loosing any of the resolution, you are covering much greater build area.


Another advantage to this setup is that you can utilize all the wonderful Extrusion based software packages like MakerBot, RepRap and many others, since we are not building with the help of projectors and images but with G-Code, which is what all the Extrusion based machines use.


This means that you shall get all the resolution of an SLA or DLP based machine with all the software goodies that are already available on common extrusion based machines. things such as Graphical interfaces, microSD cards and other features shall become possible.


The new Noveltech’s SmoothStepper is a motion control device that connects to the USB port of a computer. It accepts commands from a software package such as Mach3, and produce very high quality pulse trains that drive step & direction motors.


At this time the only software package it works with is Mach3, but a Software Development Kit (SDK) is planned, which will allow you to control the SmoothStepper with your own software.




While basic llios setup can process only the basic PLA and simple resin materials, the NEW Noveltech Printer can use a very wide range of materials based on the improved kit of UV treatment module, which can treat resins from 341nm to 407nm, being the only printer in the world can treat resins in this wavelengths .



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• Red Srl (Italy)
• D7 Innovation Solutions (Cyprus)
• Zag (Slovenia)
• Bergamo Technologies (Italy)
• Amsolutions (Greece)
• CNR (Italy)
• IMF (Serbia)
• Geonardo Azo (Hungary)
• Fenix TNT (Czech Republic)
• Mastforce Ltd (UK)
• Innovtech Ltd (UK)
• Procter Ltd (UK)
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and many others