HD Combo Industrial Edition 3D Printer – Special Offer


Order your HD Combo Industrial Edition 3D printer from 64.587,00€ now only 49.999,00€!


1. Basic HD Combo Industrial Kit


This kit includes:


•  2 x VAT lifts for small and bigger objects

•  2 x sets of X-Y smart servo kits

•  1 x set of laser servo kit

•  2 x sets of Z servo kits

•  1 x l aser projector

•  1 x HD projector

•  1 x PC set

•  1 x pc monitor


5. Smart Servo Electronics kit with 4121E3 PLC module and processing unit

8. Multi-head Laser Processing Module (SLA – FDM) 100W- 50Hz able to treat resins in both printing methods (Stereo-lithography & Fused Deposition Modelling – depending on your set up choice model may vary)

9. Laser Control Electronic System (LACES IV) fully programmable kit with the ability to decrease layers building (detailing printing) to 5 μm (depending on your set up choice model may vary)

10. UV control unit for laser heads (UVA-NVIS CU II) with UVA & NVIS probes and controllable wave length sensors including its microprocessor and UV pulse generator (depending on your set up choice model may vary).

11. A programmable Arduino controller (128bit 10-MODBUS converter) to communicate and control all factions of modules and electronics (depending on your set up choice model may vary)

12. 20Khz -50 W ultrasonic microprocessor – generator kit (adjustable frequency resin cleaner- homogenizer) including an immersed to the resin bath structure waterproof probe

13. Resin extruder- controller flow module (depending on your set up choice model may vary)

14. The new improved (ESS 2.0) SmoothStepper USB or Ethernet type control unit (at your discretion) to locally control printer’s functions (depending on your set up choice model may vary)

15. Voltage I Frequency stabilizer for main supply unit at 230V (± 10%) I 50 Hz

16. Laser head calibration sample

17. On site assembly

18. Personnel training

19. Customization of the “Open Source” software bundle to match printer’s requirements

20. One (1) month subscription to our Design Services (free of charge)

21. Three (3) months subscription to our 30 Modeling & Model Editing Services (free of charge)

22. One (1) year subscription to our 30 Printer Technical Support (free of charge).

23. Materials for initial setup- commissioning:


• 1 kg of General Purpose Resin

• 1 kg of Hard & Tough Resin

• 1 kg of Elastic Resin

• 15 g of Red Opaque Pigment

• 30 g of White Opaque Pigment

• 10 g of Black Opaque Pigment

• 450 g of PDMS & Hardener


Total sales price: 64.587,00€






1. Replacement of 2321TS proposed laser head with the 5689CH nitrogen cooling laser head for smoother detailing and low temperature cindering process of metal powders (up to 700 °C} including the power supply module and digi-control unit (laser head cooling unit is not included).


2. Laser head cooling unit for 5689CH laser head with micro controller and nitrogen flow regulator.


3. Replacement of the Smart Servo Electronics kit with 4121E3 PLC module with the Smart Servo Electronics kit with FXN1235 PLC module for a step movement of the VAT at 1,5 llm.


4. Replacement of the programmable Arduino controller {128bit 10-MODBUS converter) with the 85787TS controller to provide full digital signal without the need of the analog signal conversion including an Ethernet or USB2.0 slot for local and remote monitoring. (Replaces also Items 5 & 6, ASDL line is mandatory)


5. Arduino data logger with MSDM card slot for local monitoring of the printing process


6. Remote host Arduino controller card slot for remote monitoring (through a https:\\or a mobile device) of the parameters, errors and log of printing process. (Item 5 is mandatory to be installed in addition)


7. Panel keypad and a 20×4 lines LCD module with backlight for data input and display – allowing the user to quickly set or alter the conditions with an integrated micro computer having the ability for quick Q-tests.