Novel Technologies Center is a company that stands between research and applying results to modern lifestyle. Its goal is to implement novelty to everyday life taking advantages of innovation.

Its scope is focused in the following fields:

• research & development of new energy efficient materials through exploitation of nanoscience advancements;

• integration of the new materials in the construction field;

• development of expertise and new methodologies;

• scientific consulting.

As a research center, Novel Tech focuses especially on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. We evaluate the technologies and their outcome. Full characterization of the materials is performed in order to investigate their properties and match them with the desired requirements or standards. Using techno-economic statements, we extract the best way to produce novel end products.

research-developmentFurthermore, Novel Tech provides turn-key solutions for upgrading and refurbishing existing laboratories or designing and equipping a new laboratory from the scratch, from basic furniture and apparatus to complex analytical instrumentation. Moreover, we can upgrade the existing infrastructure to a safer, more flexible and productive laboratory. The ‘open architecture’ theory, which is designed to make adding, upgrading and swapping components easy, is also applicable for the vast majority of the laboratories. For example, a chemical or biological lab can be altered to become a material characterization or metallographic laboratory, with minimum investment and vice versa.

Below are presented some of the activities for the construction of a modern, efficient laboratory:

• Plumbing and electrical interventions in compliance with technical requirements;

• Air conditioning and ventilation systems for a comfortable and healthy environment;

• Pressurized industrial gas installation according to end user’s needs;

• Laboratory basic equipment;

• Specialized analytical equipment for advanced research;

• Fire protection and safe storage for hazardous materials;

• Compliance with regulatory laws and existing legislation.

Finally, the company acts as a high level scientific advisor. We evaluate scientific goals and give advices for various issues addressed to the improved functioning of industrial or specialized laboratories. Our staff is highly educated scientists, who possess solid background and significant experience in their fields, proved by a large scientific published content. Some fields of our staff’s proven experience are the following:

• Waste handling, studies for waste disposal and treatment;

• Production line issues (quality discrepancies, deviation from standards);

• Setting up a new laboratory, meeting its initial goals;

• Maintenance and calibration of laboratory apparatus.